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This dialog is called from the Catalog menu:

General tab

This displays useful information about the current Catalogue file. If you need to know a password for a catalogue and are unsure who the Administrator is, choose Catalog > Catalog Properties, General tab and look for the option "Password set by:". The name shown is the user name of the person who set up the password(s) - assuming a name is set in the Preferences' General tab; the default name value is the current OS (long) username.

Statistics tab

This allows you do view all the keywords used in the Keywords Field of the current Catalogue and their frequency. To update the information, click the 'Calculate' button. Once the data has been calculated, both the list boxes become 'active' query links. Double-clicking an item in either listbox will query the current catalogue to find either records with the clicked keyword or on the volume clicked. This can be very useful when investigating keywords with poor coverage.

Having created a list of keywords you can then save it out as a text file, one keyword per line. Note that this list in most cases is not the Master Keyword List (MKL) as this dialog generates a list of all keywords. If you need to access and export the MKL see the Catalog Administration dialog.

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Last Update:- 01 June 2006

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