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This dialog is called from the Catalog menu. The dialog has 5 tabs:

Keywording tab.

This dialog allows you to maintain the Master Keywords List (MKL). You can Add, Edit or Delete entries here as well as import or export the list as a text file (one keyword per line, noting that 'keywords' can be more than one word).

Allow Only Keywords from Master Keywords List. With this selected, keywords may only be added to a Record's Keywords Field - from whatever source - if the keyword already exists in the MKL. Also see the manual page 123.

Parse Keyword Phrases. When selected, this causes multi-word keywords to be parsed and each constituent word to be added as a keyword in its own right.

Passwords tab.

See the manual pages 121-122.

Custom Fields tab.

This dialog allows you to add and edit Custom Fields, which allow you to extend Portfolio's data storage capability and flexibility when searching. Custom Fields are described in further detail in the manual pages 73-76 and the Fields section of the FAQ. Clicking the Add button calls this dialog:

The dialog allows you to name the Field and select the type. Depending on the type selected, various further features are available. All types except URL and Text block can be set to allow multiple values and to use a pre-defined list. If the latter option is selected, an 'Edit List' button becomes available. Click the button to get this dialog:

Here you can either create or edit a list, plus import or export a list (as text files, one entry per line). The 'Allow only words from List' setting ensures only those values listed can be accepted by the Field. Note edits of these lists are not retrospective so changes are not checked back against values in existing Records.

Startup tab.

This allows a number of settings affecting how Catalogues open:

Previews tab.

This allows Disk Previews (see manual pages 28-29) to be enabled. The default location for the previews is a sub-folder "\CatalogueName_previews\" to the Catalogue's current location, but you can also chose a location (and folder name) of your choice. From this dialog you can also set the quality of the preview JPEG created and the length - in pixels - of the longest side of the preview.

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