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Preview can be called in a number of ways. The preview window is called from the Item menu, clicking the Preview toolbar button (if displayed) or by double-clicking a thumbnail or item (depends on Preferences settings). If the catalogue is set to use Item Previews these 72 dpi JPG previews are opened by default, with the option to switch to full previews (derived from the original). Otherwise a preview derived from the original is shown - noting that the original must be available to the lcient for this to happen. BY comparison, Item Previews are normally stored in a location accessible to the client ensuring some form of Preview is always available.

Preview window

On Mac OS, the preview window is always shown as a new window. On Windows, the Preview creates a new window which inherits the gallery window(s) size/maximised state.

If more than one item is selected when the Preview is called the Preview window acts as collection allowing you to step through each preview in turn using the 'video' style controls at the bottom of the window. If the preview image is larger than the physical size of the Preview window, scroll bars are shown to allow you to navigate around the image.

Top toolbar

Bottom toolbar

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