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This has changed in function from v6. There is now no Preference option to control the scope of deletion. Rather it is controlled by the type of gallery which is current when you call a delete operation.

Built-in Galleries, Smart (custom) Galleries
There are 3 built-in Galleries - 'All Items', 'Last Catalogued', and 'Find Results'. In addition any custom gallery with a Saved Find applied is a 'Smart' gallery. Deleting from these galleries offers a single option - to delete the item from the catalogue.

Custom Galleries
Custom galleries with no Saved Find applied can have varying content and here the delete dialog offers 2 options - delete just from current gallery (but retain in the catalogue) or delete from catalogue.

Are originals affect?
No. Deleting an item is merely deleting an item from the database (catalogue) and not the original asset it pointed to. However, once you've deleted an item any metadata not held elsewhere, e.g. embedded in the original file, is lost so think careful about your strategy for deletions. You can delete originals - and their associated catalogue record - should you so wish, via the 'Item -> Original -> Delete...' menu. Again use the powerful option with care. The delete dialog shows the thumnails of the first item in the selection. You can delete to chose this and then next item is 'previewed' or click 'Delete All'.:

Even if you click 'Cancel' you get a clear feedback:

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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