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This dialog is called from the View menu.

Control. Choose between Manual or Timed. In Manual, either key presses or clicking the video controls on the slideshow controls causes the show to move forward or back one slide. Use the Escape key to simulate use of the Stop button. When stopped, the slideshow closes - there is no pause method. In Timed mode a duration of display in seconds can be selected for each preview. In this mode the slides advance according to the time set, closing after the last slide. The controls differ in this mode as there is a pause button but no slide change buttons.

Display size. A choice of Actual Size or Full Screen.

Continuous Loop. When set the show cycles back to the first slide when it reaches the end in either Manual or Timed mode.

Display Field. Choose any one Field from the current Catalogue to display below the image on screen.

When displaying previews at less than full screen, the colour of the border is that of the current Gallery's current view's background. Likewise, the colour/style of font used to display Field information is taken from the current Gallery's current view.

Note that if using previews of large files these may take a while to draw to screen. In such a situation consider creating Disk Previews as these are used instead of original file previews during the slideshow.

See also the manual pages 108-110.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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