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This dialog is called from the Item menu. The scope of effect for this dialog is all the selected Records in the current Gallery. Thus ensure you have the right Record(s) selected before using this feature. The dialog allows you to select from the built-in Fields 'Keywords' and 'Description' plus any Custom Fields. For a simple, single value Field you see this:

The choices are:

In a text box Field, such as Description, another option becomes available:

In multi-value Fields such as Keywords, there are 2 different additional options besides Add/Replace All:

There is one further configuration you may see, when a Field uses a pre-defined list of values:

Here, with this multivalue Field we see the same dialog as for Keywords above but notice the two text boxes have drop-down lists. These drop-downs display the pre-defined list for the Field.

There is no 'Cancel' or 'Close' button on this dialog but it can be cancelled by clicking the small 'x' button at the top left (Mac) or top right (Windows) corner of the dialog.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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