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This dialog is called from the Catalog menu. The dialog has 5 tabs:

Keywording tab

This dialog allows you to maintain the Master Keywords List (MKL). You can Add, Edit or Delete entries here as well as import or export the list as a text file (one keyword per line, noting that a 'keyword' can be more than one word). Also see the manual page 129-130.

Allow Only Keywords from Master Keywords List. With this selected, keywords may only be added to a Record's Keywords Field - from whatever source - if the keyword already exists in the MKL.

When Adding Keywords, Separate Phrases into Distinct Keywords. When selected, this causes multi-word keywords to be parsed and each constituent word to be added as a keyword in its own right.

Passwords tab

See the manual pages 127-8. The default condition when a new catalogue is created is Level-based access:

You have the option to choose User-based access. Clicking the 'Edit Users...' buttons gives this dialog:

Notice you can import/export lists of users so you can easily 'clone' user access settings to a new catalogue. The 'New...' or 'Edit...' buttons open this dialog:

Startup tab

This allows a number of settings affecting how Catalogues open:

Previews tab

This allows Screen Previews (see manual pages 32-3) to be enabled; up to v6 these were called Screen Previews. The default location for the previews is a sub-folder "\Catalogue_Name_previews\" to the Catalogue's current location, but you can also chose a location (and folder name) of your choice. The path to the folder is set via the folder/browse button; from v8.5.0 this path can also be set manually. From this dialog you can also set the length - in pixels - of the longest side of the preview. The v6 'quality' setting for previews are discontinued, the previews are now all 'high' quality.

From v7, there is the option to generate screen previews (default is on) at first start-up of a new catalogue:

Note this start-up 'easy' setting method doesn't give you the option to set the size (default is 1000px) so if you want previews but want a size other than the default you must use the Catalog Administration dialog to set the size *before* you start adding assets. Sadly, there is no option to set the preview default size to a different value. Similarly, the preview folder location in this method defaults to a subfolder names /[catalogue name]_previews/. If you need all preview folder sets to live in a single location, you should not use this dialog but set the path manually once the catalogue is created. In v8.5+ this feature moves to the Catalog Types dialog.

Default Values tab

This allows the user to preset default values for empty custom fields in newly created records. Any default is overwritten by extracted metadata or values applied via Cataloging Options. The type of edit dialog offered when setting values varies on the type of custom field selected, just as when editing existing values via the Fields tab of the Item Properties dialog.

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