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Manual: v8.5 manual update, p4.

New to v8.5, this dialog allow the to choose from a selection of pre-created catalogue types. These 'types' pre-configure many Advanced Cataloging Options, the custom fields created and the metadata mappings to be used. By copying the installed version, you can even add your own.

From the top pane, select a catalogue type, and the lower pane will show a text description. Here, a custom type 'MWRA' is selected (see below for more). There are 5 as-installed custom types plus built-in defaults. A spreadsheet summarising the differnces in the types may be downloaded. The default types are:

Enable Screen Previews. This replaces the Use Screen Previews?' dialog used in v7/8.0. Ticking this box has the same effect as before, though now v8.5+ remembers the last used state of this box - so if you always use Previews or vice versa it will be correctly preset after the first time you use this dialog. As with earlier versions, this start-up 'easy' setting method for previews doesn't give you the option to set the size (default is 1000px) so if you want previews but want a size other than the default you must use the Catalog Administration dialog to set the size *before* you start adding assets. Sadly, there is no option to set the preview default size to a different value. Similarly, the preview folder location in this method defaults to a subfolder names /[catalogue name]_previews/. If you need all preview folder sets to live in a single location, you should not use this dialog but set the path manually once the catalogue is created.

Custom Types. From v8.5.1, you can save the current open catalogue as a new Catalog Type, capturing most of your customised settings as per the built-in Types. In addition to the parameters defined/saved for built-in Types, the catalogue's master Keyword List and custom field predefined list values are also saved. Features that aren't saved:

Manual editing on v8.5.0 default or custom plists should enable MKL/PDL information to be added.

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Last Update:- 15 April 2008

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