Must I unserve a catalogue to use Admin access?

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Manual: pages 138-139 (v6), pages 229-230 (v5)

The short answer is 'No'. However if you are not the only current user you will see the dialog below when you select Administrator as your log-in level on the Access dialog:

Set a delay time on the dialog as if you were actually unserving the Catalogue and the user(s) will be logged out (a time of zero means instant log off). You could also use the Log Off User method to log off a single user. Alternatively if you are the only user, you will be able to switch straight into admin mode. Which ever method you choose the point is to end up as the sole user to the Catalogue (i.e. in a single-access configuration). Once all other users are cleared, you enter admin mode.

When you enter admin mode the catalogue is still being served to you but, importantly, it is not accessible to other users and isn't shown in the list of available catalogues in the 'Connect to servers' dialog.

To make the Catalogue available again either switch to Publisher or a lower level of access. Alternatively, you can close all Gallery windows for the Catalogue as this will release the single-access constraint and the Catalogue is re-listed in the 'Connect to servers' dialog and thus will become available to all other users; this won't work if you have the catalogue set to 'Keep Catalog Open'.

The process above is similar to formally unserving the Catalogue and re-serving it but the benefit here is that the client automatically tells you if there are other users, logs them off for you and makes the Catalogue available again automatically when you've finished.

PortWeb users should note there is a bug whereby a PortWeb-served Catalogue is not 'seen' as a current access by server when assessing single-access mode. This is certainly the case where Server, PortWeb and client are all running on the same PC/account. The 'error' may be because PortWeb is read-only access. If using PortWeb and Portfolio Server it is preferential to unserve them before trying to access the source Catalogue in admin mode.

Question: Must I unserve a catalogue to use Admin access? [FAQ00342.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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