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Manual: v5 - Pages 185-189 (Export to HTML), v6 - Pages 104-108 (Exporting web pages) / pages 111-112 (HTML page macros)

v6 Use menu 'Item' - ' Create Web Pages'
v5 Use menu 'File' - 'Export' - 'HTML'

This function can be a bit confusing as it is the gateway to two quite different procedures:

* Say, for example, that you have a 400 record Catalogue with 20 records selected. The current view is the Thumbnail View. By default Portfolio will output 5 pages showing a 4 x 4 grid of records. You can further change this by altering the source view's layout and or by editing the default template using the 'Edit HTML' feature..

Accessed from the 'Export HTML' dialog is the Edit HTML dialog which allows you to edit your "exported" HTML templates or to import/export templates for editing externally and importing to other catalogues:

See also:
Export to HTML - 2 - Export using current settings
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Editing your HTML templates
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Question: Export to HTML - 1 - Overview [FAQ00033.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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