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Manual: v5 - Pages 100-101, v6 - Page 40

This is partly to do with the different ways the two OSs pick their colours and differences between their native 256 colour palettes (for a start black and white are transposed between #0 and #255).

The Windows client has a bug in the code calling the system colour dialog. Having set a custom colour (here a light yellow), when you select 'Other' from the drop-down list you should see this:

Note that our light yellow custom colour is shown as one of the custom colour chips in the lower section of the dialog and, as importantly, this chip has focus - the dotted lie around the chip. However, in fact you see this (in Win 98, and probably Win 95, Win NT):

Note that the focus is on a black colour chip in the upper section of the dialog. Worse happens in Win 2000 (and probably Win ME):

Note that on Win 2000 systems the original RGB value of the custom colour is 'lost'. So, if you need to recover the colour to use elsewhere either write the RGB value down on first use, or open the Catalogue on a Win 9x client, select the custom colour chip and expand the dialog to see the value.

The Portfolio client's incorrect initialisation of the dialog (by omitting a needed parameter) causes the dialog to show with system palette #0 selected - black. Note that when doing palette register # translations Win/Mac, Win #0 (black) = Mac #0 (white). Taken together, these two factors are the most likely explanation as to why users report that Galleries with custom colours set on the Mac OS work on Macs but are White (i.e. = Windows 'black') under Windows.

If you are working in a cross-platform environment and setting background colours for the various Gallery views, then you should save the settings under both Mac and Windows. Otherwise, Mac-set background colours are likely not to be shown properly by Windows clients.

Question: Maintaining Gallery backgrounds - Mac vs. Win [FAQ00164.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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