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This dialog is called from the View menu. There are four tabs on the dialog; three describe each of the three Gallery views and the last tab covers general Gallery level options. The dialog opens showing the details for the active Gallery's current view, but settings for all 3 views and the Gallery can be set whilst the dialog is open. see manual pages 44-51.

Dialog main buttons

At the top of the dialog there 3 tabs (Windows) or buttons (Mac) that allow you to select the Thumbnail/List/Item view for customisation. The dialog opens with focus set to the options for the active view of the current gallery. See the screengrab below for other button locations. In Windows the order is slightly different (Save/Restore/OK/Cancel/Apply) but the functions are the same.

Thumbnail View

This is the default view for new catalogues.

List View

Item View

This was called 'Record View' in previous versions.

Borders sub-dialog

In Thumbnail or Record view you can add a graphic Border to each thumbnail. To apply a Border select a saved Border from the Customize dialog's drop-down list or choose 'Edit' to open the Borders dialog to enable you to add or edit Borders:

Define Border sub-dialog

See manual pages 48-49 for detail on this feature. Note that although there is no export feature, borders can be copied to the clipboard. Such images are JPEG encoded and therefore be careful before applying further compression. Borders are not included when a Thumbnail view is exported as a web page or v6 PortWeb template (feature dropped in v7).

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Last Update:- 02 June 2006

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