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Manual: v5 - Pages 178, 184. v6 - Pages 126-8

This process allows the user to export any or all field data for the currently selected record(s). Having ensured the required records are selected, use File -> Export -> Text File... to start the process. As seen below, by default the 'Export Text File' dialog shows all the built-in fields (except the hidden Record ID) and also any custom fields you may have added:

By default all fields are ticked for data export. Un-tick any fields whose data you don't want to export. You can also customise the order in which the field data gets written for each record by dragging the fields in the listbox into your desired order using your mouse (no keyboard control available).

In older versions of Portfolio, you may wish to check a sample export to ensure the last line is finished with a return/line feed character. Lack of this can cause the last record's data not to be read and stored when the file is imported into other programs.

For a short demo of this process see here (target page links to a streaming Java Viewlet).

Question: Exporting field data to text [FAQ00032.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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