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Portfolio Server is a package consisting of server software and client to administer it (up to v6: 5 Portfolio Network clients and Server software) which allows multiple access to Catalogues; multiple access to non-served catalogues stopped with v6. The server version also allows remote access for administration of Catalogues including updating the catalogue contents. Note that your network must use/include the TCP/IP protocol for the software to function correctly. If working with mixed Windows/Mac networks make sure suitable cross-platform network protocols are in places and that file sharing and access permissions are correctly set.

The server software controls all Catalogue access. Portfolio Server software allows a larger number of simultaneous users, and most Catalogue operations are performed significantly faster. The Server software has no interface as such. Administration is done entirely through any Portfolio client, which need not be on the same computer as the Server software.

The Server functionality is very useful when using PortWeb to allow Web based access to Catalogue content.

It is important to ensure that Server and Client software is using the same version, e.g. if you upgrade Clients from v6.0 to v6.01 you must also upgrade the Server software to v6.01. In v7, v7.0.4 and v7.0.6 components are fully interoperable.

Portfolio SQL Connect is an additional add-in module for Server that allows an SQL database to be used to store Portfolio's data. This allows Portfolio to create Catalogue files on the supported SQL databases (SQL Sever or Oracle 8i). These Catalogues may exceed the 4 GB size limit of the normal FDB file as well as aid speedy access by larger numbers of users. Note that purchasing SQL Connect does not give you any licences for the actual SQL database software. SQL Connect simply provides you with the software to connect to Portfolio Catalogues created in such databases. For SQL Connect use it is assumed you have appropriate Portfolio Network client and Portfolio Server licences and the software already installed. Further considerations on if/when to migrate to - or start with - SQL connect are here.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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