Can I nest NP sites?

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Note: this isn't a technique most users will ever need to use, but it may help those who'd like to segment sub-sets sites within a single NP server. If you are publishing to an NP server, for which you aren't the admin, always get express permission from the NP admin before trying the technique as by nesting sites you may fall foul of other aspects of the server set up.

Although not documented, this seems to be possible and to have no ill effects on NP function. So what does 'nesting' mean? Normally you might have URLs to three sites ('alpha', 'beta', 'gamma') like this:

Nesting allows site URLs like this:

Now all 3 sites share a common root, e.g., that might be the site of a common login page to an (non-NP) login database controlling access to the sites.

The technique to achieving this nesting is the way the 'sub-folder' value is set on the Publish pane of NP Assistant. This is the value you enter in the box just under the list of defined NP servers. In the first set of examples above, a value of 'gamma' would be used for the third site. In the second set of examples, you would enter 'home/customers/gamma'.

There is one limitation - you can't nest a site inside a folder holding an existing site. Thus:
   .../res/sites/home/alpha/beta/index.html <-- this will cause an error when publishing the same token, don't publish to a sub-folder that is a parent of a nested site as you'll likely get a range of unwanted results as NP will get confused as to what is a live site.

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Last Update:- 18 November 2007

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