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[Significant undocumented/usage issues as at v7.0.4+]

Periods in folder names

Portfolio v7/v8 exports static page web pages such that per-record pages are in folders with names like ''. Whilst not strictly illegal these names are deprecated and on many servers will result in content from that location not being served. This is because as part of anti-hacking precautions, web servers do not allow periods in paths except in the filename. Certainly, any fully patched IIS server will not server content from folders with a period in the name. This means most users with Windows web servers will be unable to easily use Static Pages without significant post-output manual editing of the pages

Sadly, the user can't fix this as the bug causing the naming error is in a compiled part of the NetPublish Assistant. The only way to resolve this is to rename the offending files use a competent HTML or text editor to batch replace all the offending references to the old names - not a minor task. This bug was reported early in v7 and remains unfixed as of v8.0.0.

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