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Manual: v5 -Page 57, v6 - Page 79

The manual is a bit skimpy about sorting which like some other interface features is none too intuitive for the newbie. There are several ways to access sorting.

View menu

View menu
-> By Catalog Date
-> By Filename
-> By Extension Win (same on Mac client?)
-> By Other (Ctrl+Shift+D) -> 'View by Other' dialog

If a saved Gallery sort is in force some menu options may be greyed out. To use the 'View by Other' dialog, select the field to sort on, click a radio button for ascending or descending and then click OK. To persist the sort order use the Sorting palette or the Gallery options dialog.

In a Gallery window

In any Gallery right-click outside the area used to display records and you will see a popup menu similar to the Sort section of the View menu described above. If a saved Gallery sort is in force some menu options may not be displayed.

Window Menu

Window menu -> Show Sorting - > Sorting Palette

1. Select a field, from pop-up menu (top right of palette) and select ascending or descending option. On selecting one of the latter the view is immediately resorted and an icon indicating the sort shows next to the field. If you don't select one of the options nothing happens but there's no prompt to indicate what you've forgotten to do! The Sorting palette stays visible until closed via the 'x' button in its top right corner.

2. If you now do sort by some other method, even with the Sorting palette open, the palette shows the last used selection and not the current sort (bug!).

3. Click the 'Keep sorted' check box at the bottom and the sort persists. If you try to sort by another method nothing will happen but you get no feedback. Duh! The reason is that clicking this is the equivalent of selecting a sort in the Gallery options dialog (but without saving it).

4. Note that if you switch to the original (Untitled) Gallery the 'Keep sorted' check box is automatically (but counter-intuitively) unticked even though it was ticked when you left. If the Gallery you are switching back to is a previously saved Gallery, the correct information is shown. (See more on Untitled Galleries).

5. If you do save a Gallery sort, the Sorting palette will reflect the saved condition showing the target field in bold and the 'keep sorted' check box ticked. Simple, isn't it?

Question: More Gallery sorting... [FAQ00180.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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