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Manual: v7 - page 32, v6 -page 28, v5 - page 145

If you find yourself cataloguing items by dragging in folders from sources such as CDs or user's project folders you may notice that you get a lot of odd unwanted files included - e.g. "readme.txt". The Exclude Strings tab allows you to add strings with the choices "Begins with", "Contains" or "Ends with". So, for instance, to avoid indexing simple text files, add a sting for 'Ends with .txt' (works for .TXT too as Windows is non case sensitive).

Note that FolderSync will observe Exclude strings settings. This is useful if you have folder sets that mix image and non-image assets or images you do not wish to archive. Judicious folder/file naming and use of Exclude strings will ensure that you can synchronise whole folder sets but ignore subsets of folders/files.

Sadly, Exclude String lists are one of the few lists you can't export/import to/from text files.

Note that as at v7.0.6, Folder Sync and Auto Sync don't acknowledge Exclude Strings (they should - it's a bug!) but this is being address for future version. The problem manifests itself if you mix catalogue and non-catalogue items in a folder - or if you catalogue DNG images and Photoshop produces XMP sidecar files. Events like the latter - the XMP file change will cause the FS out-of-synch icon to show when in fact no images are affected. The DNG scenario is difficult as sidecars live with their source file but in other cases try splitting other files off from your images into separate sub-folders.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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